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Beginning as a photojournalist, Erwin Schuh has done assignments for most of the major magazines in Austria including Profil, Basta, News and Trend, as well as for international magazines like Der Spiegel, Fortune and Forbes.

He shot different stories about the end of the former communist countries in Europe. 1991 he went to Ethiopia during the fall of the Mengistoregime. After three years Erwin Schuh moved to Corporate/Industrial and Advertising Assignment. He worked on annual reports for many large American corporations (e.g. Pepsi Cola, United Technologies, Philip Morris,UGI, Conoco,Booz.Allen & Hamilton,Compuware,...) in Europe.
Furthermore lots of studio work for local clients like Sony Austria and Ascom has been conducted.

In 1989 and also 1990 he was one of the winners of the Austrian Press Award. Since 1990 he is working as a member for Contrast Photo Agency.

Erwin Schuh is available for assignments for clients from the United States with a need for high quality work from an experienced professional constantly travelling in Central and Eastern Europe. Working with Erwin Schuh is a cost-efficient way to avoid high costs of assigning photography overseas and eliminates logistical problems, while maintaining the high standards required by corporate and advertising clients.

All standard formats are available, including 35mm, 6x7, 4x5" and Panoramic 6x17 Linhof.


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